Training In Partnership

Social Skills and Competences: Training in Partnership – SSCTIP is a Grundtvig Partnership Project for adults education, realized in collaboration with Pro mente Oberösterreich -Linz/Austria, Plymouth & District Mind Association- Plymouth/UK, The Regional Centre for Resources for NGOs/CENRES -Suceava/Romania.

The partnership will share and contrast the provision of training to increase social skills and competences for disadvantaged groups so that they can better integrate into extended foster/social and community care, in each partner country.

“Aging Carers” is a topic of concern to all stakeholders involved with disadvantaged and disabled groups. It arises from the changing demographics of the partner countries, due to economic migration (eg. disadvantaged groups now in the care of grandparents), smaller sized families and the changing role of women in the workplace.

We will discuss, share and transfer best practice methods and concepts with partners to learn from each other and to improve quality of life for service users creating a toolkit of training experiences. The stakeholders for “training in partnership” are people with special needs, social workers, social pedagogues, psychologists and the relatives of our service users.